Julius Caesar. Montgomery Burns. Tony Blair. History has been built by great men with great, expressive hands: people who altered the fate of nations with an arched pinky, animated gesture or thumb pointed downwards. Now there is a new legend to count off: Peter Capaldi.

Whether giving the finger in his near the knuckle performance as Malcolm Tucker, or posing like a magician for Doctor Who, Capaldi is certainly one of the finest hand actors of his generation. Here are six reasons (five fingers and a thumb) that the Doctor is in safe hands.

The Mysterious Pinky

The Capa-kimbo

The Bright Future Over The Horizon

The Preacher Man

The Breaking of the Balls

The Puppetmaster

You've got to hand it to Capaldi, those are some great fingers. But which is your favourite? Pinky? Index? Ring? Get in touch @radiotimes