11 ways Sherlock would deal with not getting Hamlet tickets

Spent all day in an online booking queue? Fear not, Benedict Cumberbatch has the answers...


If you tried to book Hamlet tickets this morning and found yourself at number 6,439,689 in the online queue, you’ll know what frustration feels like. Benedict Cumberbatch’s starring role in the Shakespearean tragedy will be the hottest ticket in town come 2015 and, thanks to jammed websites and frantically refreshed pages, you’d be forgiven for feeling anger creep in. So take a leaf out of Sherlock’s book and channel your rage! A few tips from the man himself…


1. Gaze mournfully at your computer…

2. … before expressing your frustration with dramatic hand gestures. “Why me? WHY?”

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3. Violins are a good distraction. But make sure you don’t break any strings as you round off your sonata.

4. Take deep breaths, and give your sore temples a massage.

5. Fix your eyes on a spot on the wall and glower at it for ten minutes while sipping Mrs Hudson’s cup of tea. 

6. Before switching it for something stronger…

7. … and dancing your troubles away.

8. You might find you need to shout at something (or someone). 

9. But rather than “doing a John Watson”…


10. …Try taking your aggression out on a riding crop instead.


11. And, remember. Violence and vandalism are never the answer.