X Factor 2014: Simon Cowell defends Cheryl as shock decision angers crowd

"Boo you too," Cheryl tells crowd as Bootcamp six seat challenge sees her make some unpopular choices


Series spoilers follow


Cheryl found herself on the receiving end of a whole lot of boos today after her shock u-turn on which six singers to take to Judges’ Houses angered the Wembley Arena crowd.

The six seat challenge, a stage of Bootcamp added last year, is by nature emotional. A singer can be awarded a seat (and thereby a place at Judges’ Houses) only to be swapped out by the category mentor if a better singer comes along.

Today, the pressure fell on this year’s girls’ category mentor Cheryl.

The Crazy Stupid Love singer spent a lot of the day with her head in her hands, admitting she wanted to throw up.

“My heart is beating out of my chest. It’s overwhelming,” she said. 

But the crowd weren’t in a forgiving mood. There’d been a few unwelcome swaps already so, when Cheryl made a shock u-turn, swapping out a singer the crowd seemed to think was safe for a more quirky act, a roar erupted. A roar so unforgiving that even warm up comedian Roycey labelled it “evil”. 

“Oh, boo you too,” Cheryl snapped at the crowd, struggling to be heard over the chants of ‘bring her back’. 

“Do you want to hear me talk or not?” she questioned the crowd before explaining, “I have to mentor these girls. I have to have a connection. I have to make that choice. I’m not bringing her back, I’ve made my choice.”

It’s been clear over the years that The X Factor isn’t always about solid gold singing talent. You only need to remember good ol’Wagner. 

“If I had six girls who all sang amazingly it would be boring to watch. I want characters, I want personality,” Cheryl added.

This did little to calm the crowd and Simon Cowell eventually stepped in. 

“Let’s calm down for a moment. Sitting here is tough and stressful. Bear with her. Give her a couple of minutes to make her mind up,” he said, later adding what felt like a somewhat jokey, “thanks for your input.” 

Let’s put that down as a tough day in the office eh, Cheryl?


The X Factor returns later this month on ITV