Made in Chelsea NYC: Why did lying Alex Mytton reduce Jamie Laing to tears?

Binky may have got rid of her cheating boyfriend but it looks like Alex is set to cause havoc in the Big Apple


It was a case of different city, same dramas as we returned to the bosom of the Made in Chelsea friendship web for the gang’s trip stateside. It’s been two whole months since we last caught up with our favourite sloaney crowd when Binky and Alex dramatically swanned out of a party screaming at their pals to “JUST LEAVE US ALONE”. The good news? Binks has finally come to her senses and ended it with the “guy with stupid hair” (her words, not ours. We’re in whole-hearted agreement). But as next week’s trail showed us, we’ve not seen the last of lying Mytton…  

Binky may be back with her gal pals, building bridges with estranged besties Cheska and Lucy and telling everyone who will hear, “I needed to do it on my own/love is blind/I’ll never go back” yah yah yah. But she was looking notably more stressed in footage from next week’s episode when Alex calls to announce he’s landed in the Big Apple. Uh-oh… 

More of that later on, but first let’s address the fact that, even in the bustling capital of New York, the MIC mates still manage to bump into each other on street corners. Most of tonight’s “accidental rendez-vous” were spent discussing current black sheep Lucy Watson who was on a mission to brand most of her former friends “cold bitches”. “I’m done with people who are that neggy”, bleated Louise. (Err, stop trying to make “neggy” happen. It’s not going to happen!)

But then out of nowhere up popped Billie Carroll – a glossy-maned American who befriended Lucy and showed her the sights of NYC, as well as catching the eye of Spencer and Jamie. Game on, and Spencer was on a mission to one-up his best friend. Despite Lucy’s attempts to set Billie up with Stevie, the inevitable happened and her new pal fell for the charms of Mr Matthews. Well, she did admit her type was “not the nice ones”… 
Fellow newcomer Alik Alfus was also introduced to the gang by Proudlock and promptly begun stirring things up among the Chelsea set. Was anyone else relishing the green-eyed glances Spenny was firing off as smooth-talking Alik shamelessly asked Louise on a date within moments of meeting her? We liked his style, especially when he gallantly agreed to set Rosie up on a blind date, too. 

As we reached the end of tonight’s episode, relations between the gang appeared unnervingly harmonious. Binky made peace with Cheska – “I love you to pieces” – and even built bridges with a scowling Lucy, as the boys embarked upon their evening of paddling pools, lubricants and wrestling matches (not a mental image we ever wanted). 

But the peace doesn’t look set to last long as our sneak peek of next week sees Alex’s arrival in the city that never sleeps with a mysterious secret that has best pal Jamie in tears. “You’ll never believe what Alex Mytton’s done,” he informs Spencer after receiving a cryptic text message, before coming face-to-face with his guilty-faced friend and wailing, “Stop lying to people, especially people who mean so much to you. Go to London you prick, I f**king hate you.”

Now, what could that possibly be all about? Guess we’ll have to wait till next week to find out…