Overall lovers, rejoice! Kylie Minogue looks set to step back into character as Charlene Robinson. Last month the singer and The Voice coach sent a cryptic tweet to her followers - a homage to her famous Neighbours mechanic who last seen behind the wheels heading for a new life in Brisbane. 

And now we might just have the confirmation we've been craving that the 46-year-old chart topper is headed back to Ramsay Street for the show's 30th anniversary after a 26-year absence. 

Anne Charleston - who played Madge Bishop on the Australian soap - is over in Blighty for the Edinburgh Fringe and let the cat out of the bag while speaking to The Mirror. "The Neighbours special thirtieth anniversary is coming up. I will probably be involved and it will go to air in March," she revealed, before making a tantalising admission. 

"I think Kylie is on board for the special and I imagine everyone will be in on it because it's a big occasion. I look on those days with fondness and there is no way in hell I'd walk away from the special because it's a celebration and I think we should all be involved in it."

Anyone else reckon "all" should include Jason Donovan's Scott Robinson? His and Charlene's on-screen son Daniel has recently shown his face on Ramsay Street - isn't it about time for a Robinson family reunion...?