The Inbetweeners 2: Ruder, cruder and better than ever… but has the door been left open?

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil are back with plenty of gags to test your gag reflex


I had a sense of trepidation as I set foot inside Leicester Square’s Vue West End for last night’s Inbetweeners 2 premiere. After the astonishing success of the boys’ first outing on the silver screen, would the sequel be nothing more than an ill-advised mission to rake in the cash while the iron’s hot? I was desperate not to see Will, Simon, Jay and Neil consigned to the bargain bucket along with Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha’s misguided sojourn to Morocco. 


I needn’t have wasted a moment worrying. The boys’ return to the screen was everything I’d hoped it would be – and more. And when I say more, I mean much more. More of Neil than I ever wanted to see…

If you found yourself wincing at the first Inbetweeners Movie, brace yourselves for more poo, vomit and genitals – you name it, we see it. I walked away, sides aching, questioning why I’d just spent the best part of two hours gasping for breath as I watched Simon chased down a water chute by a giant chunk of Neil’s excrement and Jay’s desperate attempts to pleasure himself using a hole in the ground. 

Inbetweeners writers and – for this second outing – directors Iain Morris and Damon Beesley have done a stellar job, lingering on shots just long enough to have their audience shielding their eyes from the screen as they erupt in fits of giggles. But alongside their boyish humour is plenty of acutely-observed, smart comedy, particularly in Will’s take down of the pot-smoking, guitar-playing, nauseatingly spiritual “gap yah” travellers the gang encounter along the way (a speech that won a round of applause in our cinema). Much the same as The Book of Mormon, there’s plenty of smart humour to go with the gags that test your gag reflex.  


And, most importantly, they’ve left us wanting (ok, gasping for) more. We’ve been repeatedly assured – during the build-up and on last night’s red carpet – that this time really is the last time. And while we’ve heard the same line on several occasions, with the boys hitting 30 we could take them at their word. But I’m not going to.

“Once you see the film you’ll see it feels like they’ve all moved on with their lives, so unfortunately this is it,” revealed Simon Bird yesterday evening. But having seen the ending myself, I reckon the door’s been left open just wide enough for one more chapter.

Yes, the boys are older but, if this film is anything to go by, there’s still plenty of mileage in their story. They clearly love working together and, with Oz now ticked off their list, surely a trip to the sunny climes of LA or South America is beckoning? After all, it would be a foolish man to turn down another multi-million pound movie and a mammoth summer holiday. 


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