Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

4-8 August: Is Josh about to discover his girlfriend’s secret? Paige is concerned when Kathy suggests that Lauren keep searching for her daughter

Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St
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Monday 4 August

Josh comes to the conclusion that Amber’s online friend is Daniel. Seeking further answers, he walks into the darkroom to find them kissing. Sheila and Naomi are still at daggers drawn. Paul is still withdrawn despite Kate’s killer being behind bars. Daniel is concerned about him and asks Karl to offer his uncle some help. After Imogen and Josh skip school, Brad realises that his role as a father is going to take some time to perfect. 

Tuesday 5 August

Josh is suffering agonies after seeing Daniel and Amber kissing and finally vents his frustration by trashing the darkroom. Amber seeks forgiveness and understanding from Imogen, but gets a frosty reception. The emotional strain of keeping away from her mother takes its toll on Lauren and gives Paige the opportunity to get to know Kathy, but can she ever forgive her for giving her away? 

Wednesday 6 August

Kathy tries to bond with Amber, but her gestures are misplaced. Wanting to make amends,e she decides to direct her energy into finding Lauren’s missing child. Sheila’s feud with Naomi comes to a head and Kyle tells her to sort things out or she will not be invited to the wedding. Alice is annoyed when Bailey sets up his own astronomy club in the hope of being accepted to Space Camp. 

Thursday 7 August

Sonya encourages Naomi to come clean to everyone about the kiss she shared with Toadie. Naomi realises that she is right, but Kyle, Georgia and Chris are shocked at how deceptive she has been. An erotic short story arrives in Susan’s email inbox. Toadie picks up on a few landmarks in the story and wonders whether it could be based on Erinsborough? Paul realises that he needs professional help after he loses his temper again. 

Friday 8 August

Now that her relationship with Daniel is public knowledge, Amber is torn between her happy love life and guilt about deceiving Josh. The discovery that the darkroom has been turned into a storage room seems the last straw. An anxious Karl discovers how close Paul is to the edge. Susan and Toadie propose a bet to see which of them can unmask EM Williams, the erotic short story writer.