The Time Lord is a changin'. As well as a new "more alien" Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi, there has also been a lot of talk over the past few weeks that the upcoming series eight will be more like "classic Who."

So, why such a shift from Matt Smith's 11th Doctor era? Well, according to showrunner Steven Moffat, Doctor Who needed a shake-up as its format and tone had become a tad stale. 

"It was time to change," he says. "Certain things we were doing a little reflexively. Some of the humour was getting a bit glib. One of the hardest things to notice is when your new idea has become your old idea and it’s time to get rid of it.”

The show appears to be heading in a darker, more adult direction, with there being – as Capaldi has said before – "more gravity" to dramatic scenes.

Jenna Coleman, who plays companion Clara, agrees. 

“It’s amazing how different it feels," she tells Empire. "It’s darker. The limits feel like they’re being pushed more in terms of the danger and the dread. It’s scarier, that’s for sure.

“A producer once told me this is the hardest job because you’re creating characters and telling stories while always on the run. But Steven’s changed the format quite a lot. We have much longer scenes now.”

One such scene, according to Moffat, is a “a five-minute argument between the Doctor and Clara over a restaurant table,” which he says is one of his favourite parts of the 12th Doctor's debut episode. 

Which leaves us with just one question: what did the Doctor order...?

Doctor Who returns with series eight opener Deep Breath on Saturday 23rd August on BBC1.