There are plenty of cameras on the stars at Comic-Con in San Diego, but that doesn't stop them turning their own on themselves for a quick selfie or two. 

Sure they're there to chat about their latest films, field questions from dedicated fans and show off the latest footage, but that doesn't mean there isn't time for a picture. 

Here, big-name stars share their time at Comic-Con on Twitter...

Robert Downey Jr keeps things organised

Dean Norris keeps on rocking

Director Zack Snyder treats us to a shot of a leather-clad Wonder Woman

Downey Jr waves goodbye

The Hulk has a bit of rubber face issue

But it's OK, because he's got a cool coloured belt on

There's a lot of re-assembling going on among the Avengers

And Benedict Cumberbatch gives Comic-Con his finger point of approval

And it seems he might be needed back in the future some time