Despite Microsoft axing their TV and film company Xbox Entertainment Studios before it even had a chance to make anything, there are still two live-action shows in the pipeline based on the hugely popular sci-fi video game Halo - one of which now has a trailer. 

Nightfall, produced by Ridley Scott, is webseries of five episodes that will be available exclusively on Xbox. It will spin off from the hit series of first-person shooter games, which are focused around a super-soldier called the Master Chief fighting off an alien invasion through a variety of space-age weaponry, and is said to take place between Halo 4 and the next instalment Halo 5: Guardians, released next year.

As fans will no doubt spot, the Master Chief himself doesn't feature in the trailer. Instead, it focuses on several United Nations Space Command soldiers - who, in the game, back the player up - that appear to discover a mysterious alien threat. Most notable of all, however, is that it offers glimpses of Christina Chong, who featured in Doctor Who episode A Good Man Goes to War and has been recently cast in Star Wars: Episode VII, as Macer. It also stars Mike Colter as the show's protagonist Jameson Locke. 

Nightfall will apparently tie into Steven Spielberg's long-mooted TV adaptation of the show, which is allegedly still being made.