Forget just chatting about Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World and Parks and Recreation with Hollywood actor Chris Pratt. That would be silly. Entertainment Tonight wanted to see the actor's French Braid technique. 

Yep, turns out Pratt was quite proud of his efforts with wife Anna Faris's hair, posting this up on Instagram three months ago.

Total baller. Clearly the team were keen to see him in action, so while he continued to answer their questions, he set to work French Braiding the intern's hair.

Sure he chatted a little bit about his upcoming projects. He is in two highly-anticipated films after all, with Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World on the way.

Of Jurassic World he says, "It really plays like a sequel you know? Plays like Jurassic Park four. It's 22 years after the first one. I play like a military veteran, sort of like a tough, brash John Wayne kind of a character."

But, really, it was all about the braid. 

Just look at the seriousness.

And when he gets to the end, is he going to use some sort of "hair holding apparatus, like a rubber band?" asks the interview. No, he ruddy well isn't. 

"You wouldn’t want to use a rubber band, that could damage the hair, what you gotta use is something called a scrunchie."

Don't mess with a man braiding.

See the full video here: