The Mill - 8pm, C4

Channel 4's highest-rated drama of last year returns for a second series, and we are once more up to our necks in the muck and brass of Quarry Bank Mill in Chesire. Just four years have passed, but now the effects of the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834 are taking hold, and desperate economic migrants from the South are starting to turn up at Quarry Bank Mill in search of jobs. The workers in Styal village are concerned that the arrival of these impoverished families will drive down everyone's wages, and the impact of the new legislation hits home for apprentice Esther, who discovers the beggar in the mill yard is her own sister, Martha.

Child Genius - 9pm, C4

This is still one of the most jaw-dropping factual series on TV. The simple premise - watch super-bright kids as they compete in a Mensa contest - delivers the kind of family foibles that will prompt amazement and fierce debate in any living room.

The idea is that the competition celebrates intelligence, but there are times when  he process of turning brainy youngsters into show ponies verges on the oppressive. Nine-year-old Aliyah's parents pile on the pressure, with four hours of revision a day, a strict diet (hilariously, they take their own carrot juicer to the competition) and sessions of something called kinesiology to boost her performance. But can she divide 189 by 7 in her head? Can you?

People Just Do Nothing - 10:45, BBC3

Yes, there have been too many comedies in the past decade where the joke is the characters revealing their delusions while showing off for the camera. Grandstanding pirate radio DJs who are not as cool or subversive as they thing sounds like a tired concept in a dying genre. None of this matters, though, when the writing and acting are as good as they are here.

Everyone at Kurupt FM in Brentford is spectacularly inept. Every character, every scene has a big laugh in it. First shown on iPlayer.