Monday 21 July

When she learns that Sonya has gone away for a long weekend, Naomi decides that the time has come to let Toadie know how she feels about him. After an evening spent bonding over dinner and a DVD, she surprises him with a kiss. Loose lips are also causing trouble elsewhere as Daniel and Amber avoid each other in the wake of their encounter. Brennan reminds Kyle and Georgia how lucky they are to have each other. 

Tuesday 22 July

Sheila’s suspicions about her daughter’s designs on Toadie are confirmed when she takes it upon herself to visit his house and finds the two of them together. Toadie, still reeling, consults Karl for advice and begins to see the ways in which Naomi has repeatedly manipulated situations to spend time with him. When she arrives later to speak to him, he fires her. Devastated, she provokes an altercation with Sheila, who then reveals an upsetting family secret. Paige comes close to telling Lauren that she is her daughter after she discovers that Lauren is working on a family portrait. 

Wednesday 23 July

Naomi, heartbroken and still in shock from her row with her mother, determines to leave town. With no money and no job, she eventually turns to Brennan for help and somewhere to live. Paige’s attempt to include herself in Lauren’s portrait comes too late. Brad reluctantly applies for a teaching position after a failed job interview. 

Thursday 24 July

As Amber’s relationship with Daniel progresses, she wrestles with the best way to break up with Josh. Meanwhile, Josh has troubles of his own when it transpires that a boy from school has been injured trying to copy one of his skate stunts. Naomi’s hopes for a reconciliation with Sheila are dashed when her mother hands her a cheque which would enable her to leave town for good. Paige’s feelings of rejection become too much. 

Friday 25 July

Daniel manages to help Josh out of his tight spot, which only exacerbates his guilt about his affair with Amber. Matt tries to improve his relationship with Bailey. When Karl learns about all the work Terese has been doing on Paul’s behalf, he becomes seriously concerned about his ability to continue as mayor.