Michael Gove exit means reshuffle for Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education

"We had loads of Gove gags - and now he's leaving!" fumes Whitehall as he prepares to rewrite the BBC3 school comedy


Teachers and parents took to Twitter to rejoice after it was announced that Michael Gove was leaving his post as Secretary of State for Education earlier this week.


But Jack Whitehall and his Bad Education co-writer Freddy Syborn were less impressed by the removal of the divisive government minister – because the cabinet reshuffle means a reshuffle is on the cards for the third series of the school-set comedy, too. 

“Do you know what is f***ing annoying?” Whitehall told RadioTimes.com on the set of his BBC3 sitcom, “Me and Freddy wrote a load of stuff. We were like, ‘This series… we are going to try and do some nice stuff that kind of has a pop at Michael Gove. Loads of f***ing Gove gags. And now he’s f***ing leaving!”

“Just keep him there for like six months more until the show goes out and then by all means get rid of him after that… It’ll look like maybe we’ve played a part in it,” he continued. “But they got rid of him and now we have to change it.”

“We thought, you know, every teacher you speak to hates him so [Alfie and co] would probably hate him as well. So it’s quite annoying really. I mean it’s good that he’s gone because he was a prick, but…”

“He’s done the damage, let us have the jokes!” added co-writer Freddy. 


Bad Education will be back on BBC3 later this year