Star Wars 7 is shooting in the Forest of Dean

Days after rumours that this Gloucestershire woodland is being used to film the next instalment of sci-fi action, Jedis have been spotted in the area


Actors in black cloaks coming out of movie trailers in the Forest of Dean can mean only one of two things, either there’s a secret Harry Potter sequel being filmed with a new batch of trainee wizards, or (and far more believable) Star Wars 7 is being shot in the area.


The hundreds of staff and dozens of white trailers at Puzzlewood have created a lot of attention. The crew is being particularly secretive about what is going on. One security guard told the BBC’s Steve Knibbs, who had a sniff around at the site on Monday, that they were filming for Countryfile. This would be quite the production crew for the British farming programme. The series confirmed that they were not filming in the area.

Then, later in the week, as if by magic, Jedis appeared on set, and Splash photographers managed to snap a few pics. See here for the evidence.

This section of the forest is often used for film and TV shoots; scenes from Merlin, Doctor Who and Atlantis were captured here. It is even thought that this spot, filled with errant vines and mossy paths, inspired the woods in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Which fantasy galaxy the mysterious setting of Puzzlewood is supposed to be in the new Star Wars movie is yet to be revealed.

Star Wars Episode VII recently finished filming in Abu Dhabi’s desert, where images were leaked of a large disc (similar to the foot of an AT-AT), see here.

Scenes for the film, set 30 years after Return of the Jedi, will also take place at Pinewood Studios. The movie is slated for release in December 2015.


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