Twitter reacts to The Secret Life of Students - banter, STIs and all

It sparked excitement in some, and repulsion in others...

Twitter reacts to The Secret Life of Students - banter, STIs and all
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Ellie Walker-Arnott

The Secret Life of Students, Channel 4's latest ob doc, took a long look at the world of university freshers, from drunken nights out and misguided sexual adventures to STIs and homesickness. 

Peeking into their mobile phones, revealing their text messages, tweets, selfies and status updates, the show uncovered a LOT about what it's like to be a first year at Leicester University. 

And the result produced a surprisingly mixed reaction from Twitter... 

For some, the scenes made them look back at their hedonistic uni days with rose-tinted rave glasses: 

Or get super excited, in anticipation of their own Freshers Week: 

There were even a few people who were inspired to work a little harder to get there.

All just as long as mum and dad kept away from the TV...

But others? Yeah. They weren't quite so enamoured by the student's antics...

This lot just couldn't get their head around why anyone ever let this show happen in the first place

It sounds as though it's even put some people off venturing into further education...

Though a Twitter page set up for freshers students at Leicester Uni were pretty confident that people would be viewing the show in a positive way...

Before taking the time to make this fairly important disclaimer:

The Secret Life of Students continues on Thursday at 10pm on Channel 4

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