Celebrity MasterChef, The Betrayers, The White Widow - best TV on tonight

Celebs in the kitchen, a con-artist boyfriend and one of the world's most wanted terrorist suspects in our top picks tonight Wednesday 2 July

Celebrity MasterChef, The Betrayers, The White Widow - best TV on tonight
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Celebrity MasterChef - 9pm, BBC1

Do you remember when Charley Boorman and his old pal Ewan McGregor zoomed across Mongolia on motorbikes in the early noughties, tucking into local delicacies like sheep’s eyeballs (or was it sheep’s testicles?) with a fraught grin? You see that facial expression again tonight. This time round, though, it’s John Torode and Gregg Wallace who look a little green around the gills as they’re served fish and chips five ways – none of them appetising.

In the last of the heats Boorman is up against another of his old pals, actor Jason Connery; singer Kiki Dee; pale, tense Tina Hobley of Holby fame; and pink, jolly Christopher Biggins. “Shall I go and sing to them?” guffaws Biggins, when the gas goes out in the Belgravia hotel where he’s meant to be mastering ravioli. The head chef doesn’t see the joke. In the bowels of another restaurant Boorman makes himself unpopular by repeatedly barking, “Yes, boss!” instead of “yes, chef!”

The Betrayers - 9pm, ITV

How does it feel to be thoroughly and brutally conned? “It’s like somebody reaching into your heart… and ripping it out of you,” says Susan matter-of-factly. Susan was one of 30 women who fell for silver-tongued fraudster David Checkley, and she vividly describes the horror of realising the boyfriend you adore is in fact fleecing you and other women out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The Checkley tale is extraordinary and brilliantly told here, but for sheer cruelty, it’s hard to beat the woman who used the fact that her friends’ father was dying of cancer to con them. These compulsive liars may be victims of a personality disorder – or simply heartless criminals.

The White Widow: Searching for Samantha - 10:35pm, BBC1

Samantha Lewthwaite, a young woman from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, is widely believed to be a member of the murderous radical Islamic militant group, Al-Shabaab. As such, she’s one of the world’s most wanted terrorist suspects, accused of conspiracy to cause explosions. 

The White Widow (Lewthwaite’s nickname) traces her rise to infamy after the death of her husband, Germaine Lindsay, one of the London July 7 bombers. 

There are suggestions that Lewthwaite is on the run in Kenya, where she’s been hunted for the past three years by Kenyan, American and British forces. Award-winning filmmaker Adam Wishart (Monkeys, Rats and Me: Animal Testing and Warlords Next Door?) looks at how a one-time sixth-former from a Home Counties market town came to rub shoulders with al-Qaeda.

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