Transformers, Bridget Jones's Diary, Van Helsing - best films on TV tonight

Fighting robots, romantic frustrations and a battle against a vampire in our film picks tonight Saturday 28 June

Transformers, Bridget Jones's Diary, Van Helsing - best films on TV tonight
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Transformers - 6:15pm C4

Hasbro's ever-popular toy franchise takes centre stage in Armageddon director Michael Bay's super-sized sci-fi action adventure. When teenager Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) buys a second-hand car, he soon finds out that it has a life of its own. As well as helping him get close to the girl of his dreams (Megan Fox), it draws him into the long-running war between the alien Autobots and their evil nemeses the Decepticons, which is now taking place on Earth. The film may be a robotic replay of (executive producer) Steven Spielberg's ET with elements from other popular fantasies grafted on, but the humorous high-octane thrills are never less than astonishing. Most impressive is the seamless integration of CGI animation into live action - and the sheer scope of its ambition. The conversion from cars and helicopters into enormously detailed iron giants in seconds is breathtaking. Despite a finale overloaded with spectacle and massive explosions, Transformers is that rare thing - a truly innovative blockbuster.

Bridget Jones's Diary - 9pm, ITV2

So well adapted by Richard Curtis that it appeals to both sexes, Bridget Jones is actually far better than the book. There's star Renée Zellweger who, as the 1990s heroine, is far more endearing than the book's Bridget. Then one cannot imagine Helen Fielding ever having the luxury of suitor super duo Hugh Grant and Colin Firth - who both surpass expectations as the novel's Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy respectively. Yes, what we have here is the best in British romantic comedy, well directed by newcomer Sharon Maguire, well acted by an ensemble cast of stellar Brits and very, very funny indeed. Bridget is the chardonnay drinking, sad 30-something with cellulite whose life takes a different turn when she has a flirtation with her boss Daniel, despite the criticisms of friend Mark. Daft, delicious and decidedly dippy, Bridget Jones is quite brilliant.

Van Helsing - 10pm, C4

Having re-invigorated the Mummy franchise, writer/director Stephen Sommers here turns his attention to the rest of Universal's classic monsters. Using the original films and character legends as a springboard, he delivers an exciting, effects-driven romp that combines the pulling power of Dracula, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster. Gabriel Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) is dispatched by a secret, Vatican-based organisation to 19th-century Transylvania where he comes to the aid of Anna Valerious (Kate Beckinsale) in her long-running battle against the vampire Count and his evil allies. Though Richard Roxburgh's Dracula lacks charisma next to the magnetic Jackman, his flying, harpy-like brides are superb, fuelling some of the movie's most thrilling set pieces. This is Indiana Jones meets Hammer Horror - the relentless action is blended with a knowing undercurrent and dramatic gothic styling. Ultimately the CGI could have been better - as could the dialogue - but viewed solely as escapism, this is an exhilarating ride.

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