Ha-pee days for cinema fans as app tells you when to take toilet breaks in films

You'll never miss a good bit again...


When you’re at the cinema, going to the toilet halfway through a film can mean you miss the best action of the whole thing.


There’s bound to be someone out there who missed the “Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife and I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next” bit in Gladiator because of a weak bladder. Tragic.

It’s understandable of course. Cinema fizzy drinks are often the same size as a common or garden toddler and it’s not like you could ask the projectionist to pause X-Men when you’re in a room full of movie-lovers.

But fear not, you need never miss the action again, because of course, there’s an app for that.

Introducing RunPee. RunPee tells you the various points in a film that it’s OK to visit the bathroom. It gives a handy marker, like an obvious quote or scene, so that you can remember it when you’re in the auditorium. Or you can set up the app so that it vibrates when it’s time to go.

It also ranks the pee times, so that you know whether it’s an OK time to go, or purely for emergencies only.

Just to be extra sure you don’t waste your cinema ticket, the app tells you exactly how long each toilet break should be and then gives you a re-cap of what’s happened while you’ve been away.

In a final swoop of genius, the app also tells you whether there’s an extra clip at the end of the film that’s worth sitting through countless minutes of credits for. 

The list of films is current too, with the app’s staff often getting to see films before they’re released, giving them ample time to navigate the toilet stops.

Ha-pee viewing…


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