The internet is more positive about Sherlock than Doctor Who

When the internet takes a look at online posts about the two shows, Sherlock comes out on top


Website ‘What does the internet think’ enables you to search for a topic and see how positive the internet is about it.


It’s basically an internet page looking at other internet pages. A bit like Gogglebox but with the web.

Hours of fun.

It isn’t entirely a fount of knowledge. It didn’t know who Mary Berry was, nor Jenna Coleman. Tut, tut.

But it had heard of Sherlock and Doctor Who.

Pitted against each other – assuming here that the site knows to differentiate show name from character – Sherlock comes out on top with a positivity score of 74.2% to the sci-fi hit’s 63.3%.


Not that Sherlock scoops all of the glory. Comparing stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith, it’s the former Doctor who takes the win with 98.7% to Cumberbatch’s 97.9%.

Cumberbatch’s sidekick Martin Freeman (who plays Doctor John Watson) came out with exactly the same scores as Smith, too.

The internet is apparently quite chuffed with the incoming Doctor Peter Capaldi, who had a whitewash 100% positivity rating.

“The internet is absolutely positive about Peter Capaldi” it says.


Totally scientific of course…