Disney’s Frozen increases tourism to Norway

Fans of the snowbound movie have boosted travel figures to the Scandinavian country, according to the Norway tourist board


Eighty percent of the visuals used in Disney’s hit animated movie Frozen were inspired by the landscapes of Norway – and now fans from around the world are flocking to the nation to do movie tours.


Visit Norway spokesperson Harald Hansen explained that hotel bookings for the first three months of 2014 are up 37 percent compared with the same period from last year, following the movie’s release in November 2013.

Meanwhile, tour operators have also seen an uplift of 40 per cent, compared with last year, and Oslo Airport Gardermoen has had 57 per cent more arrivals from New York alone.

“We noticed a huge increase from the US already in November and December last year, just after we started our marketing with Disney in October,” explained Hansen.


Those with a spare £3000 can book an official Disney tour of the area, which includes an eight-day experience in Norway, including a trip to the magical Geirangerfjord, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the storybook village of Bergen – the place that inspired the kingdom of Arendelle in the movie.

Meanwhile, other entrepreneurs are trying to cash in on the movie’s success by offering river rafting experiences, Norwegian folk dancing lessons and trout fishing in glaciers.

Disney Cruise Line is also planning Norway tours for 2015. 


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