Creepy Paddington Bear meme hits the internet

Paddington Bear is photoshopped into horror films as fans find the duffel coat-clad CGI bear a bit creepy

Creepy Paddington Bear meme hits the internet
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Paddington Bear is hitting the big screen in November this year, but fans have found the new CGI incarnation of the classic children's character a little bit, well, creepy. 

(It probably doesn't help that he's also voiceless at the moment, after actor Colin Firth announced he was "consciously uncoupling" himself from the part.)

Hence the arrival of the Tumblr page Creepy Paddington, in which Paddington, his blue duffel coat, suitcase and red hat find themselves photoshopped into various horror films. Here are a few of our favourites – probably best not to show them to the kids...

Paranormal Activity


The Conjuring

Night of the Living Dead