Tigers in the House, CCTV, EastEnders - best TV on tonight

Teething tigers, sneaky surveillance and a murder mystery in our TV picks tonight Monday 16 June

Tigers in the House, CCTV, EastEnders - best TV on tonight
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Tigers About the House - 8pm, BBC2

Sumatran tigers are in danger of extinction and as a means of highlighting their plight, Australian-based British zookeeper Giles Clark raises two cubs at home. 

They are, of course, irresistible as they mewl and shriek, but there’s something so sad about seeing the pair being bottle-fed and hearing them referred to throughout this three-part series in terms applied to human toddlers – they have “tantrums”, they are “teething”, they are “so naughty”, they want “cuddles”. Their proper place is in the wild, being taught by their mother to hunt and kill.

But that can’t happen, it’s too risky given the threat from poachers. So Clark and his family raise Spot and Stripe, as the siblings are known, as totems for an endangered species. Clark is attentive around the clock, even helping them to learn to poo, and maintains a bedside vigil when they fall ill. 

CCTV: Caught on Camera - 10pm, C4

Steve is anxious to protect the peace of his street in Headingley, Leeds, from the scourges of noisy students and ball games. So he’s installed CCTV cameras on his house and posts edited “highlights” of perceived wrongdoing on YouTube. 

It’s obvious that Steve feels besieged. Headingley has a large student population and, infuriated by noisy parties in student houses, he struck back. “I’m filming in the public domain,” he argues, when it’s suggested that this surveillance is intrusive. 

The second episode of this faintly disturbing but utterly riveting series about the pox of CCTV cameras on Britain’s streets looks at private individuals, like Steve, who take matters into their own hands.

It’s clear that often this drastic action is driven by the fear of crime (“we’re always hearing about murders”) rather than crime itself. But when crimes are captured, justice can be satisfyingly swift.

EastEnders - 7pm, BBC1

It’s about time that Sharon was given a decent storyline because since she returned to Walford all she’s had to do is pout, swish her hair and heave her bosom. But don’t go thinking that Letitia Dean is getting reams of script to learn. Instead Sharon is brutally attacked and left for dead while closing up at the Albert. 

Who could do such a thing? Could it be the security men who Sharon has sent home for drinking her stock? Or maybe it’s demon son Denny who’s done the deed after being completely forgotten about by scriptwriters these past six months. Perhaps he’s finally escaped from his bedroom and sought revenge…

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