Wallander, Trooping the Colour, Yes, Prime Minister - best TV on tonight

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Wallander, Trooping the Colour, Yes, Prime Minister - best TV on tonight
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Wallander - 9pm, BBC4

The diagnosis is stark. Kurt Wallander, Sweden’s most perceptive detective, has Alzheimer’s. Despite valiant attempts to jog his memory with a diary and post-it notes, his lapses are increasing. But whom does he tell? Bea, the woman he’d like to share his life with? Or Linda, the daughter he’s just forged a bond with after years of antagonism? He certainly cannot tell his police colleagues, who’ve started to notice and cover for his erratic behaviour.

In The Arsonist, he tries to help a young offender, who’s struggling to fit back into the village he once torched, but Kurt’s condition is now seriously impairing his ability to function. This is the most satisfying, if distressing, film of the series so far, and you’ll be in tears by the end.

Trooping the Colour - 10:30am, BBC1

The monarch’s birthday parade is a showcase for the kind of military pomp and circumstance beloved of tourists, royalists and generations of Dimblebys, although you needn’t be any of the above to appreciate the rattling pageantry of the occasion. 

The Household Division turns out in all its finery, polished regalia glinting in the sun (with a bit of luck), for impeccably drilled march-pasts and manoeuvres, while massed bands blast out the musical accompaniment. The unit trooping its colours is Nijmegen Company of the Grenadier Guards.

Yes, Prime Minister - 8pm, BBC2

An episode of Yes, Prime Minister that reminds us what a high-minded show it could be. In Power to the People, the most establishment of sitcoms lights a comic touchpaper under… the Establishment. 

In doing so, a surprising amount of the script is given over to long speeches about the structural failings of local democracy and the merits of centralised government versus localism. You don’t get that on Mrs Brown’s Boys. 

And there are laughs, too: watch how Nigel Hawthorne as Sir Humphrey is reduced to a floundering wreck by a council leader (nicely underplayed by Gwen Taylor) visiting his office. And enjoy his paean to the British way: “The opera, Radio 3, the countryside, the law, the universities – both of them…”

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