Banksy to release new film set in New York?

The mysterious street artist has uploaded a trailer-like clip of his story from last October in the Big Apple


This week Banksy posted this three-minute clip, named “Better Out Than In – the movie”, on his site. It covers his time, artwork and installations in New York and the reaction he received from local residents.


The clip describes Banksy as an “Artist in Residence” for a month in the city. His work during this period includes lots of political stencil art, some interactive exhibitions, including  a van full of movie cuddly toy pigs (symbolic for the meat-packing district), and a foresty 3D piece in the back of a van – to create “calm” in the city.

“The anonymous British graffiti artist, known as Banksy, is both delighting and annoying the people of New York with his unique brand of artwork,” explains an anchor on CCTV News in the clip.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said: “You running up to somebody’s property, or public property and defacing it is not my definition of art.”

Meanwhile the NYPD tried to track down the artist: “Quick call the cops, we’re having an art attack,” read one NYC newspaper article.

The docu-trailer has a kind of thriller feel to it, and what the voiceover describes as a “city-wide, full-contact game of hide and seek.”

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Humorously, on day 13 in New York, the artist set up a stall selling original paintings in Central Park. Collectively, these simple canvases have a street value of $500,000, but without publicity or verification, the stall took a total of $420.

It’s still unclear whether this trailer will turn into a full-length movie, but in the meantime we can see some Banksy pieces in their original locations. Read on for a few of our UK favourites…


Well hung

Located in Banksy’s home town of Bristol, in the city centre, look up and you might spot this naked chap dangling from a window while another man looks out. Find it on Frogmore Street.


Thug with dog

Near a kebab shop and classic south London cafe, you’ll find a proper Banksy. This one has been covered up to stop people spraying over it. Find it on The Grange, Camberwell, Southwark.


Kissing coppers

On the wall of the Prince Albert pub in Brighton, you’ll find one of the most well-known Banksy pieces. These kissing policemen are fittingly groping each other in the liberal city. Find it close to the Brighton Station on Trafalgar Street.

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Yellow flower

On the wall of a hipster hangout, the Bethnal Green Working Mens’ club, you’ll find the yellow flower and outlines of a man with his roller. It’s still there, but has been heavily tagged. Find it on the corner of Pollard Row and Pollard Street in east London.


Banksy painter

This colourful chap with a paint pallet has received a torrent of abuse over the years. A large willy was painted over it at one point, as well as various tags. However, the council decided to clean it up a bit and put some perspex over it. Find it on Shafton Road in Hackney, London.

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Bunting boy 
Cleverly positioned on the side of a Poundland shop in north London, this child sits sewing bunting. There’s also some actual bunting stuck to the painting, which has been covered to keep it secure. Find it near Turnpike Lane on Whymark Ave, London. 


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