If Doctor Who was a Disney movie…

Artist Stephen Byrne has drawn the 13 Doctors - including Peter Capaldi - collected around Karen Gillan's Amy Pond


What would Doctor Who look like as a Disney movie? It’s something many Whovians have imagined, but artist Stephen Byrne has gone one step further and done all the hard work for you…


His Disney version of Doctor Who, posted on his Facebook page, features all thirteen Doctors – including John Hurt’s War Doctor and new addition Peter Capaldi – assembled around Karen Gillan’s flame-haired character Amy Pond. The all-important costumes are there, too – Tom Baker’s impossibly long scarf, Matt Smith’s bow tie, even Capaldi’s red-lined suit jacket – accompanied by the strapline: “She wished for a prince. She got thirteen.”


Pretty good, huh? See the different stages of the illustration’s development below…