Big Brother 2014: Who is Toya A Washington?

The 29-year-old video blogger once sold an ex-boyfriend's possessions on eBay and thinks working a 9-5 job would be like "caging an animal"

Big Brother 2014: Who is Toya A Washington?
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Name: Toya A Washington

Age: 29

From: London

Occupation: Video blogger

Twitter account? @toya_w

Three things you should know... 

Toya loves being self-employed because she's isn't a 9-5 kind of girl and says if she was to work a job like that it would be like "caging an animal". 

* When an ex-boyfriend mistreated Toya, she auctioned his possessions on eBay and sent him the link to purchase the items. She then gave the money to charity.

* She likes strong alpha male types. "I will not be dealing with short men. I like beards but well-kept beards and I don't like skinny men who need a belt for their jeans."