Big Brother 2014: Who is Tamara Stewart-Wood?

The 24-year-old head-hunter from London ran away from home at 16 and is known as Cruella Deville because she's never been kind to anyone

Big Brother 2014: Who is Tamara Stewart-Wood?
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Name: Tamara Stewart-Wood

Age: 24

From: London

Occupation: Head-hunter

Twitter account? @Tamara_kate_

Three things you should know...  

* The most important person in Tamara's life is herself. She doesn't think she's ever been kind to anyone. "I'm known as Cruella Deville or a heartless bitch," she says. 

Tamara ran away from home aged 16 with a street ball extreme player. She describes him as the love of her life but said it didn't have a happy ending. 

She admits she's "a bit of a shagger" and says "I always have these guys on the go but I'm s**t at names so I have to give them nicknames." 

And just to balance out all that sleaze, here Tamara talking about recruitment consultancy...