Have you ever been bitten by a snake?

Yes, in the 1950s by a python. They’re not poisonous but you get a shock! It doesn’t hurt... well, it did a little bit.

Is there anywhere left you still want to explore?

No, I’ve gone to most of the places on my list. Now I’m revisiting them. I’m currently working on a programme about the evolution of flight. I first went to the Gomantong Caves in Borneo in 1973 and knew that was the place to go back to. The first time we walked in for a programme in black and white. This time I’m suspended from a rope 250ft above the ground! The 3D camera captures millions of bats flying out of the caves past me.

Why isn’t the BBC investing in 3D technology?

I am a BBC man and so I’m sorry that they’re not, but the BBC is hard-pressed for money and it has to make strategic decisions as to what it’s going to invest in. What will make 3D a real success is being able to watch without glasses. And that is said to be between six and nine months away.

Who should win RT’s Audience Award?

I’ve always enjoyed Doctor Who from a technical point of view. I sat in on a lot of the early discussions, during which we cooked up the programme under the aegis of Sydney Newman, who was the BBC head of drama.

I remember he specified he didn’t want monsters in it but the first producer, Verity Lambert, went against that and introduced the Daleks. Sydney was livid with her to start with but Verity, of course, was right. 

British Academy Television Awards are on Sunday 18 May at 8:00pm on BBC1.