Oscar Isaac on The Two Faces of January: “Movies like this don’t get made often”

The Star Wars and Inside Llewyn Davis actor tells RadioTimes.com about his days spent shooting in the Athens and Istanbul sunshine


“Movies like this don’t get made often,” says Oscar Isaac of his new film The Two Faces of January, “because it’s really about the characters interacting with each other and this very intense triangle.” 


The “triangle” in question is made up of Isaac, who plays charming American tour guide Rydal and Viggo Mortenson and Kirsten Dunst portraying glamorous couple Chester and Colette MacFarland who turn up in Greece on the run from some short-changed American investors. 

What follows is a slick, fast-paced thriller, based on the Patricia Highsmith novel and set amongst a string of European jewels, from Athens to Istanbul. Filming in these exotic locations “was probably one of the biggest reasons I signed on to this,” admits Isaac. Take a look at the full interview below…

The Two Faces of January is released in UK cinemas on Friday 16 May

Inside Llewyn Davis is released on DVD and Blu-ray on 26th May

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