MasterChef: The Finals, The Story of Women and Art, The Minster - best TV tonight

Settle in for a Friday night in front of the telly with our guide to the best programmes on tonight

MasterChef: The Finals, The Story of Women and Art, The Minster - best TV tonight
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MasterChef: The Finals, 8:30pm BBC1

As John Torode and Gregg Wallace get ready to taste the food cooked for them by this year’s three finalists, they (and their digestive systems) must be mightily relieved that finally, whatever they fork into their mouths, it should taste really good. It’s about time. Over the past eight weeks they’ve endured banana paired with duck, salted pears, an almost inedible plum dumpling, ravioli made with instant potato, a beetroot sludge that was “like something I put my foot into on a farmyard” and more deconstructed dishes and chocolate fondants than you can shake a spoon at.

Now just one more three-course meal stands between the finalists and victory.

The Story of Women and Art – 9pm, BBC2

Amanda Vickery begins a sweeping, three-part exploration of female creativity in Western art, starting with the Italian Renaissance.

 So go on, name a female artist from the Renaissance. If you can’t, that’s because the likes of Properzia de’ Rossi and Plautilla Nelli have been ushered to the margins of art history, which Vickery has no trouble convincing us is a mistake. 

The Minster, 8pm BBC2

The process of replacing York Minster’s statue of St Peter, which stands 150ft off the ground, is an extraordinary one. The east end of the Cathedral is undergoing a £20 million renovation and the statue is the jewel in its crown. But how do you craft an artwork that will be seen from 150 feet away? 

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