Orange Is the New Black series 2: Taylor Schilling and Taryn Manning in exclusive character banners

Piper Chapman and Pennsatucky were last seen battling it out, literally, and by the looks of this new artwork, there's still tension in the air...


The last time we saw these two, they weren’t exactly getting on (ok, that’s something of an understatement. There was one hell of a bitch fight. We weren’t sure if Pennsatucky was going to get out alive).


Well, the good news is she did as both Taylor Schilling and Taryn Manning appear in these exclusive character banners for Orange Is the New Black series two. And while the return of the Netflix original series finds Chapman in isolation, by the looks of things she’s in the mood for a rematch… 

Here she is in action, delivering a steely glare, we presume for the benefit of Pennsatucky: 

Piper’s opponent, meanwhile, is looking a little apprehensive. Rightly so… 

We’re getting pretty excited for Orange is the New Black round two. Not long to wait now as we inch closer to the release of the next thirteen episodes on Netflix on Friday 6 June. To get you in the mood, click here to take a look at the rest of the inmates as they gear up for their return.