Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

12-16 May: Doug is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, while Brennan and Paul lock horns again as the search for Kate’s killer takes a new twist

Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St
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Monday 12 May

Doug is taken to hospital after his lapse and the Willis family rush to his side. Although the old boy’s memory appears to be back on form, Josh’s evidence and some tests lead Karl to diagnose Doug with Alzheimer’s disease. Montague is ruled out as a suspect in the shooting, leading Brennan to intensify his search for Kate’s killer. Just as Naomi and Sheila begin to understand one another, a phone call rocks the boat. 

Tuesday 13 May

As Brennan’s obsession with finding Kate’s killer grows, he trawls through a number of past cases looking for suspects. Imogen discovers someone camping by the lake and urges him to leave before Brennan jumps to the wrong conclusion. Brennan, however, is more interested in the private detective hired by Paul, who discovers that the camper is his nephew, Daniel. A bailiff comes looking to retrieve the painting sold by Naomi. 

Wednesday 14 May

Daniel accepts Paul’s offer to move in. Sonya worries that Callum is traumatised by his experience with Montague. Nonetheless, she is inspired by his creative coping mechanism and signs up for an art class. Hudson ends his relationship with Chris. 

Thursday 15 May

When the model for Lauren’s art class pulls out, Matt agrees to step into the breach, even after he finds out that it is a life drawing class. Lou discovers Matt’s intention and corrals some new art students. Callum’s ‘Super Cool Chick’ app is a success, but it drives a wedge between him and Josie. Chris finds himself more alone than ever. 

Friday 16 May

A package arrives that inspires a new name for Charlie’s and helps Paul to move on from Kate. Matt is saved by a convenient alarm bell before having to bare his all, but his willingness to help brings him closer to Lauren. At the opening night party for The Waterhole, Doug’s confusion causes a scene and forces Brad, who has been living in denial, to face up to his father’s condition.