See all the Big Brother eyes

Fifteen series, fifteen eyes, but which is your Orwellian favourite?

See all the Big Brother eyes
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There's a new Big Brother eye, which can only mean one thing, Big Brother is heading back to Channel 5. Yes, there's to be another summer of BB action (you're all doing the Day 1 voice now, right?) as more hopefuls head into the house.

And, if the eye is anything to go by, this year will be a focus on electronics and technology. There's bits and bobs from a computer and what looks like the lens of a camera. Although with last year's theme of secrets and lies, who knows what could happen by the time the show starts.

But is it your favourite? Check out all of the eyes from over the years and let us know what you think of the new one below, too.

2000: Big Brother series 1

Designers used housemate Mel Hill's eye to create the famous logo. 

2001: Big Brother series 2

Artist Daniel Eatock designed Big Brother's second eye - one of many he'd come to create.  

2002: Big Brother series 3

Eatock was at it again, this time in bright colours.

2003: Big Brother series 4 

A technicolour dream lead the way for the fourth series of the reality show. Altogether now, "I closed my eyes..." 

2004: Big Brother series 5

Big Brother turned evil for season 5, leading to this intimidating looking eyeball. 

2005: Big Brother series 6

The sliced blue and black eye fuelled rumours of two houses. In the end, the theme centered on the idea of thirteen as an unlucky number with thirteen housemates.

2006: Big Brother series 7

BB's eye gets a bumble bee makeover. 

2007: Big Brother series 8

In a nod to TV's multi-coloured test card, BB's logo took on a multicoloured hue. Big Brother off of the air... never! 

2008: Big Brother series 9

In 2011 this shattered eye was voted the best ever BB logo. Its sharp edges heralded the return of a more evil Big Brother. 

2009: Big Brother series 10

For the 10th series, Big Brother's famous eye was based on a thumb print.

2010: Big Brother series 11

The final series of Big Brother to be aired on Channel 4, the resulting logo paid tribute to the series with a burial style floral theme. 

2011: Big Brother series 12

Big Brother made a move to Channel 5 and with it came a new simplified alien-style logo. 

2012: Big Brother series 13

The eye had a very similar appearance, but had an Elmer the Patchwork Elephant makeover. 

2013: Big Brother series 14

This year's secrets and lies theme saw the arrival of a dramatic eye filled with secret doors and TV screens. But it wasn't the final eye...

2013: Big Brother series 14 

Ta dah! Here it is in full colour. But Big Brother is in a cheeky mood - so keep an eye out for more changes. 

2014: Big Brother series 15