Angelina Jolie: I’ve lived out the rest of Mr & Mrs Smith in real life

"It's going well" the star of Disney's Maleficent jokes about life with Brad Pitt as she talks about delving into the unexplored side of characters


Angelina Jolie is leading the way in Maleficent, Disney’s villain-focussed reboot of Sleeping Beauty. The story switches up the classic tale by shining the spotlight on the evil fairy and telling her version of events. But which of her characters has Jolie been able to fill in the blanks about in real life? That would be the title role in sizzling action movie Mr & Mrs Smith, where she met future husband Brad Pitt… 


“Mr & Mrs Smith, I feel like I’ve lived out the rest of that one,” she jokes, adding that her relationship with Pitt and their six children is “going well”.

Maleficent itself sees Jolie team up with another family member, this time her five-year-old daughter Vivienne, who plays a young Aurora. 

“We had never intended to put our kids into film and acting. The reason that we ended up needing to put Vivenne in the film was genuinely out of necessity so that we could have a good scene,” explains Jolie who admits all the other children were too scared of her in the Maleficent outfit. 

“It’s still funny to us. Like anybody, she’s our little girl. She’s silly, she’s sweet, so the idea that she’s in a movie is still kind of funny to her mum and dad.” 

And despite her own character being the villain of the piece, Jolie says the role of Maleficent allowed her to be “playful” and brought out the child in her. 

“I came home silly. [The children] love Maleficent’s voice so they always made me do it at home. I think it brought out the child in me. I think I was fun.”

Indeed it sounds like she did have a lot of fun, adding a cheeky note in reference to her iconic costume: “I do have a pair of horns at home”.

And while Jolie is leading the way in a time when Disney is focusing on villains rather than heroes (a range of movies are being re-released on DVD with the baddies on the covers) she says she’s going to be doing less acting from now on. 

“[Acting] is going to be taking more of a back seat. I’ve had a wonderful career and I’m happy with the opportunity I’ve had to tell wonderful stories and the career that I’ve had. I’m sure there’ll be a few more films, but I’m happy I’m able to be selective and have fun with characters like this.

“But I would like to focus more on writing and directing and above all focus more on my work with the UN.”

Although, while Jolie may want to step back from acting, co-star Elle Fanning, who plays Princess Aurora, has an idea on which other Disney movie they could reboot.

“Dumbo. I love Dumbo,” Fanning smiles. 

“We could do it with live with baby elephant,” she continues as Jolie – true to her new role as the Disney villain –adds, “Dumbo’s interesting. I was always interested in the mother who was locked up for being mad, but that’s a very dark version.”

Maleficent is in cinemas from 28 May 2014