24 times Kiefer Sutherland was awesome on Twitter

He's only tweeted 519 times. But he makes the most of those 140 characters, dammit!

24 times Kiefer Sutherland was awesome on Twitter
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24 star Kiefer Sutherland isn't just busy blowing up London as Jack Bauer in the latest series of 24. The actor has been getting snap-happy, and rather comical, over on Twitter, too. 

He may have only tweeted 519 times. But Sutherland makes them count, dammit! Here are 24 of his best moments on Twitter...

1. Jack Bauer doesn't need a superhero outfit. Because he's Jack Bauer. 

2. To Kiefer, Santa Monica Pier is his own private pirate ship 

3. In case you were wondering, this is how you play chess.

4. This is how you deal with the haters

5. Of course you jump from confirming you're not dead to looking for a good joke to tell

6. Only a real man can rock a pink beret. 

7. Kiefer knows how it works. Behind-the-scenes + photo filtering = brilliant photo

8. Keeping us in the loop with all the important events

9. Even when there's nothing to say, he's got something to say

10. He learns some important lessons from his followers 

11. This cat has done something. We just can't quite figure it out. Here's his most recent post

12. He makes sure he's very welcoming

13. He adds the silver lining if we're having a tough day

14. He knows when he's beat

15. Even Jack Bauer can't help a phone in a puddle

16. His stage manager on That Championship Season got him into sharing lines for luck. For example...

17. He's not just tweeting willy-nilly, oh no. His tweets need to be seen...

18. He's not afraid to admit he naps

19. Maybe he spelled douchebag wrong?

20. Working that Hi Vis

21. Learning a little something more every day

22. A backhanded compliment is as good as any, right?

23. He's got a plan of where he's going with his tweeting

24. And he sure knows how to keep the 24 fans happy