The Walking Dead season five begins filming in Georgia

Andrew Lincoln and cast arrive in Georgia to shoot Terminus scenes for Rick, Daryl, Carol, Maggie and Glenn. But will they survive?


Actor Norman Reedus, better known to fans of the Walking Dead as Daryl Dixon, has tweeted that day one of filming on season five of the zombie apocalypse drama has begun, in Atlanta. The cast and crew have been arriving in Georgia for the past couple of weeks, gearing up to film the Terminus train car scene.


Let’s do this! Day 1

[Spoiler alert] The final episode of series four finished on a dramatic cliff-hanger, with the central characters stuck in a train car at Terminus – a place where they thought they would find salvation. However, the inhabitants lured them in, fired at them, and locked them up. If the series holds true to the original Walking Dead comic books, written by Robert Kirkman, then Rick, Daryl, Carol, Maggie and Glenn have been captured by cannibals, who intend to eat them alive.

As a result of a high body count and the need to have as many people as possible to deal with their man-eating captors, Rick and co will be joined by new characters in season five, including a young 17-year-old chap named Burton with only one leg. The Wire’s Seth Gilliam will also join the cast as Michael Todd – a humorous guy with a dark secret.

The Walking Dead series five is set to return this October.


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