Coronation Street spoilers: Maria to tell Tyrone she loves him

But what will Fiz do when she realises the extent of Maria's feelings?

Coronation Street spoilers: Maria to tell Tyrone she loves him
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Scheming Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie) is to tell Tyrone that she's in love with him during next week's episodes. 

The confession comes after Tyrone agrees to meet Maria for a chat in the park. But with Maria having already told Audrey that she's in love with Tyrone, the salon owner grows deeply concerned and decides to have a word with Fiz.

"When Audrey tells Fiz what Maria has said, it just confirms all her fears," says actress Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz. "She's already suspected that there's something going on between them, so once Audrey tells her that Maria is in love with Tyrone, there's no doubt in Fiz's mind that things have happened behind her back."

So what does Fiz do about her new-found suspicions? "Well, she's devastated and angry that her friend and the man she loves could do this to her. She goes to the park with the intention of confronting them, but when she gets there she sees them together and can't face them. Also, Maria sees Fiz arrive but Tyrone doesn't and Maria hugs him knowing that Fiz will see. It's another example of Maria being manipulative and it's too much for Fiz. So she just leaves devastated."

And what of Tyrone's feelings in all of this. Is he tempted to do the dirty on Fiz? "He's not tempted at all," says actor Alan Halsall. "Obviously Maria is very beautiful but Tyrone is in love with Fiz and right now he could never be tempted by anyone else. Maria is a close friend and that's it as far as Tyrone is concerned."

But the big question now is whether Maria has done enough to scupper Tyrone and Fiz's relationship for good...