9 reasons we're pretty sure Ricky Gervais's Twitter isn't fake

Who else could be taking those bath pics?

9 reasons we're pretty sure Ricky Gervais's Twitter isn't fake
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Ricky Gervais says many people think his Twitter account is a fake. 

"A lot of people don't believe it's actually me tweeting. To the naysayers, I usually say 'I'm Ricky's butler and he's in the bath'," the comedian tells Absolute Radio.

Here are just a few things to consider for those non-believers...

1. Ricky's Twitter has got the blue tick. Which in Twitter world means you are who you say you are. We at RadioTimes.com got one for ourselves from a chap at Twitter HQ. We can confirm, it's not easy.

2. If he's not taking these bath pics, who on earth is?

Although these guys can be a bit shifty...

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3. Other famous people tweet him. Aaron Paul wouldn't be wasting his time with a spoof account now would he?

4. Who else gets this serious about bath pics?

5. He's really on board with the meaning of Twitter and uses it wisely.

6. He's super dedicated to his Derek fans.

7. You can almost hear Ricky's laugh coming through this tweet.

8. Would anyone else really be brushing his cat's fur and then tweeting about it?

9. And surely only Ricky would be behind a list of tweeted pictures that jumps from a hamster with tufty fur to a picture of him with Bill Clinton.