Good Morning Britain launch – what you thought

Viewers verdicts on ITV's new breakfast show versus BBC Breakfast, Daybreak and Good Morning America - plus Susanna Reid and the new presenters and those on-screen graphics...


ITV’s new breakfast show Good Morning Britain launched today, replacing Daybreak and its presenters with a new set, a new format and a new hosting foursome in the shape of Susanna Reid, Ben Shephard, Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher.


So how did it stack up against its predecessor? What about Susanna’s former show, BBC Breakfast? Was there something familiar about the new set and format, possibly from across the pond? And what about those on-screen graphics? users came, saw and gave their verdicts…

Good Morning Britain v Daybreak

Margot. No…sorry did not like it. Bring back Daybreak please with the ones that we have come to love or for me…BBC will win the morning news..

ShirleyHutchinson Same poor content – different wrapper – that’s all. What a waste of money! Still don’t understand all this “Celebrity” tittle tattle – Ross King in the States – just inane and totally unnecessary – who cares what 1D are up to. This programme is never going to be taken seriously.

Ali H Well it’s not what it used to be but sometimes that’s a good thing…. A change can be nice and we do need to give new talent a look in. I do miss the casual relaxing Daybreak with some great characters, as in a morning i want to feel a nice cosy relaxed start to my day..

Vee Small Seriously do not know what they are thinking you know the saying “IF IT’S NOT BROKE DON’T FIX IT” well this needs to applied to Good Morning Britain I absolutely hate it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK Aled and Lorraine that was the right mix this bunch of twits is not working and I for one will not be watching any longer.

Christine Horton I hate the new show!! where are the real characters that made Breakfast TV? I will miss Aled and Lorraine. The presenters are all young and lacking greatly in personality and fun and what about the older people who watch breakfast TV who will switch off immediately! I will not be watching it from now on and am greatly disappointed with ITV!

Rowena Hulme-charlesworth complete rubbish ….hate it …bring back Aled n Lorraine ..and who the hell wants ID drawling on about their music ….absolutely awfull

Elaine Benton Just turned on and what a mess visually. Too many people and all that rubbish on the desk. At first I thought it was the SKY news set up! LEAVE THINGS ALONE! Bye Bye, looks like it’s back again to BBC. Shame. It used to be lovely having the “”natter and chatter” in my house over breakfast from the Daybreak “friends”. ITV you’ve cocked up again!!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Good Morning Britain v BBC Breakfast

Nick Pye I tried it and was initially openminded, but have to admit that the rest of you were right. The content was poor and the guests were worse. I’ve switched back to BBC Breakfast. 

Andrew Dunn Absolute rubbish. Too much stuff going on. Too many presenters round a desk, and the close up’s of the presenters are awful. ITV don’t get it. BBC all the way for me.

Angela Too slick for early mornings. After many years will now switch to bbc in the mornings

Nick Pye I’ve switched to #GoodMorningBritain from BBC Breakfast which I’ve been finding too left wing and nanny-like. And Susanna Reid is lovely. I’m also pleased to see Luke Farrington on my local news.

evelyn@wynnefamily Had a quick look this morning and myfirst impression was too many people all talking at once. It has none of the calm the BBC breakfast show has it seems a lot more frantic but may give it another try when I am feeling calmer!

Rowena Hulme-charlesworth BBC must be smiling this morning …their viewing stats will be rising …i shall be adding to it …Sorry u got it all wrong !!

Susanna Reid and the new presenters

B Richardson It’s a shambles! How can anyone take anything baby faced Ben Shepherd says seriously and Susanna is so full of herself it makes uncomfortable viewing… I’m off back to the BBC in the morning. At least it’s a Susanna free zone!

Angela Ben Shepherd the only one worth having. Too many presenters, don’t like the desk and get rid of Susannah. What was wrong with the previous presenters. 

Margot. I’m sure Susannah is a nice person and seemed to be fun on ‘Dancing’.but on here as she was as on BBC…Smug and full of herself.

Notahappybunny Susanna Reid is incredibly smug and annoying, Andy Peters is trying too hard, generally too much going on which makes the programme feel unprofessional.

Rowley Get rid of Suzanna Reid and the desk and the program may last a while.

She is a drama queen and cannot be heard when there is something serious to report as she lowers here voice to make us think she really cares!

Angelanorfolk What a disaster! Charlotte Hawkins was the only one anywhere near professional! Susanna Reid kept misreading the autocue, Andi Peters was way over the top in a very childish way. The interview Susanna Reid tried to do with the MP about benefits changes was terrible – she was better than that on BBC! I’ll stick with Bill Turnbull in future!

CM5 HATE IT! Not a fan of Susanna Reid, annoying person. So wooden! May have to switch to BBC! ITV need to make drastic changes and quick before you lose your viewers!!!

Heather Crocker Please please please stop changing thinks that are working well. Ben shepherd is the most annoying presenter on tv at the moment. 

Chris Blackwell Rubbish! Susanna is annoying, can’t even stand to look at her face. Bring back Kate, stop thinking that because a presenter reaches a certain age we don’t want to see her, she is realistic and funny. I have always watched the ITV morning programme, but getting really annoyed with the constant changes, will be turning off!

Good Morning Britain or Good Morning America?

Rakoola Should of called it good morning America!!!! don’t like it… Very disappointed ITV.

disqus_MpBRsoiK0V Garbage- hate the American style “big table” and the “gossip” section plus too many presenters and too much moving about. Why does it have a gameshow section in a supposed news show? Woeful- you may have erred big time joining this joke Susanna. I for one am going straight back to BBC Breakfast.

disqus_6th9p9WGFc Way too many graphics on screen! Too American

On-screen graphics

deb cant be doing with the news streaming across the bottom of the tv its like watching channel 80 news bring back daybreak

terry stephenson Annoying weather flashes in corner annoying do u watch program or blip for weather .I shall be switching to bbc1

Bill I like it but I don’t. I think the studio is very nice and good but the on screen graphics are too much!

Dave Baxter Too many moving graphics on the screen, too many presenters who can’t actually speak properly.

Trish – Linclon Please take all the info off the screen – it is annoying and unhelpful! Even the weather in the right corner of the screen is not in alphabetical order! Having all this info on screen actually prevents you listening to what the presenters / guests are saying.

Ali HI found myself watching the little weather flashes instead of paying attention to the news. I must admit it is a little annoying with the flash news going on and I’m all up for new and fresh ideas but that is neither new or fresh…

The set and the new format

ryan i think this one is looking good.quite a nice setup round the studio. thank god you have got rid of that kate garroway that is the best thing you could of done.

juli MW noooooo….i may as well watch the BBC, the beauty of watching itv in the morning was the informal nature of the program. the presenters are great ( apart from there being too many ) but you have put them behind a desk.

Linda White Too much going on first thing in the morning, I do like to have peace and quiet waking up… will give it a go, but too busy so far, too many presenters, its nice to see the one presenter let alone the lot you have there… come back the other team, sorry

John Mack It is like a visual slap in the face, to much going on and the facial close up,s are frightening.

terry stephenson Full face shots a turnoff 4 behind a desk strewn with papers scruffy look. Annoying weather flashes in corner annoying do u watch program or blip for weather .I shall be switching to bbc1

Peter Hanson You are trying too hard. Give the presenters a chance to build their on screen relationships and presence. All the swtching from presenter to presenter is overkill. Keep it simple and people will connect. Unnecessary camera angles and dialogue.

So much potential here!

jane really don’t like it. it makes the rival programme on the other side look homely and comforting! need sofas not an impersonal desk and the camera is too close up on their faces…all polished. even the smiles when they occur look fake. 

B Richardson  They have no idea what people want to watch at breakfast time. The whole thing is a horrible mistake. The set, the presenters, the style, the dumbing down. Watch those viewing figures drop through the floor. 

Suzanne Ellingworth Why fix something that isn’t broken. It’s like all the rest of the morning shows now. I enjoyed the more informal chat, the jokes and laughter. Now it looks straight laced and boring. I don’t understand 4 presenters when 2 used to do it.