Tom Hiddleston’s greatest musical hits

Bare Necessities, Man in the Mirror and more are among the Thor star's playlist


Tom Hiddleston has already won over hoards of fans with his portrayal of baddie Loki in the Thor films, but his musical talents haven’t gone amiss either. 


Between rapping, belting out what appears to be his favourite Disney track (the Bare Necessities, as you’ll find out below) and being cast in a singing role for Pirate Fairy, Hiddleston has proved he’s got an impressive musical repertoire, too.

If Tom ever decided to do a covers album, we bargain these could be high on his list…

Tim Hiddleston singing Bare Necessities during a Friendship Works charity gala last year. The video has now made it to YouTube, “Yeah, man!”

That isn’t even the first time he’s sung this Disney hit

Sensing a pattern here Tommy boy…

Here he is, still singing Disney, this time for The Pirate Fairy 

Who can resist a bit of karaoke in the car? Hiddleston gets Stand By Me

Always time for a bit of Man in the Mirror mid-interview, eh?

Forget Get Lucky, it’s time to Get Loki

Hiddleston even sneaks a cheeky verse or two in before speaking at a screening

And you can’t go around saying you know the words to Will Smith’s Miami without being asked to rap it…