How well do you know Britain’s Got Talent?

Think you know your Diversity from your dancing dogs? Take our BGT quiz and find out if you've got talent...


Simon Cowell’s thrown down the gauntlet for the eighth year in a row, challenging the British public to impress him with displays of quirks, gimmicks and party tricks in the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent.


Thing is, if you’ve got a dancing dog or the magical combination of a homely appearance and an unexpectedly beautiful singing voice, you’ll probably do well on BGT.

But if your talent lies more along the lines of, say, being rather good at answering 20-question online quizzes about light entertainment TV programmes, and you try showcasing that nifty skill in front of Cowell, you’ll be buzzed out of the building before you’ve even fired up your iPad.

Not here though. We respect dedicated quizzers. Dedicated quizzers like you. So, even though completing our BGT brain-teaser won’t win you a spot at the Royal Variety Performance, know this: no matter how well you do, we’ll hold you in higher esteem than a whole army of Susan Boyles.

Take the quiz, making use of our patented space-age, knock-em-dead ‘reveal’ buttons, and check your score at the end to see how well you know ITV’s premier Saturday night variety show.

1. In which year was the first series of Britain’s Got Talent broadcast?

2. Which talent contest did Alesha Dixon leave to become a judge on BGT?

3. 2013 winners Attraction have gone on to star in what type of advert?


4. What is the title of ITV2’s BGT spin-off show?

5. Name the owner of BGT’s first non-human winner, Pudsey:

6. Susan Boyle won the third series of BGT – true or false?

7. In which series of Britain’s Got Talent did Kelly Brook briefly appear as a guest judge?

8. What was the title of BGT 2011 winner Jai McDowell’s debut album?

9. Which stand-up comedian appeared alongside Amanda Holden and David Hasselhoff as a judge in the fifth series of BGT?

10. In which year did Britain’s Got Talent win a Best Entertainment Programme Bafta?

11. Which song did Susan Boyle perform at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant in 2012?

12. Which former newspaper editor acted as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent from series one until the end of series four?

13. Which X Factor judge made guest appearances at the audition stages of BGT series four and five?

14. What style of music did the winner of BGT’s first series, Paul Potts, perform on the show?

15. Finish this favourite line of Simon Cowell’s: “I didn’t like it…”

16. In which BBC drama did BGT series two winner George Sampson appear?

17. Which country did BGT series three finalists Stavros Flatley champion on the show?

18. Carmen Electra appeared as a guest judge at the London auditions in which series of BGT?

19. How many countries around the world have their own version of the Got Talent format?

20. Which Britain’s Got Talent judge famously swam the length of the Thames for charity?

16-20: Hot talent: Cor! With a score like this, you’ll want to get on to ITV pronto. In ten years’ time, when the channel’s commissioning retrospective talking head ‘documentaries’ about BGT and its ilk, you’d make a superb expert…
11-15: Got Talent:
A solid performer, rather like Jai McDowell. And we mean that in a nice way; he won BGT, after all…
6-10: Not Talent:
As delightful as you are, I’m afraid to say that you’ve come out of this quiz looking rather like Stavros Flatley. Not literally, of course, but figuratively…
0-5: Talentless:
 BGT not your specialist subject, then? Oh well, never mind: have a go at our film taglines quiz instead…