Frozen: Internet spoofs turn cute Disney hit on its head

From Breaking Bad to Sherlock via Mr Freeze and Eminem here's the oddest Frozen mash-ups on the web


When a Disney musical like Frozen captures film lovers’ imaginations with sweet and innocent characters and title tracks like ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ and ‘Let it go’ the internet responds. 


And it responds with dark and strange mash-ups with things like Breaking Bad and Eminem, of course.

The film itself offers the warming message that love solves everything as young princess Anna goes against the odds to save her Queen sister Elsa from isolation. With an adorable speaking snowman Olaf there to seal the deal on merriment. 

But what would a heart-warming Disney film be without a few spoofs, that turn the cute into the downright bizarre? 

Here’s our pick of the best… 

Breaking Bad

Er, it doesn’t sound like Jesse Pinkman wants to build a snowman Anna. Or use polite language (warning!).

Let it Go meets Eminem 

It’s actually kind of catchy. Disney, if you’re looking to go a different way…

Game of Thrones

Well, if there’s going to be a song about being in charge, what better spoof than a GoT one? Here’s the rather masculine version ‘Let them Come’

Mr Freeze

Frozen’s Let it Go as sung by Arnold Schwarzenegger as Batman and Robin baddie Mr Freeze, with a little cameo from Kindergarten Cop’s Mr Kimble. You couldn’t make this stuff up…


Of course there’s a Sherlock one. What with all that talk of mind palaces… He’s got that big coat for the cold, too.

Unnecessary censorship

Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s Unnecessary Censorship gag this video beeps out completely innocent words to create a (really shouldn’t be but is) hilarious edit of the film. Yep, kids are probably ashamed of our childishness…