Educating Yorkshire: Mr Burton’s baby wants you to vote in the Radio Times Audience Award

The baby wants to win at the Television Baftas... and you can't say no to a baby, can you?


Now we all know Mr Burton isn’t one for giving up. 


He famously helped GSCE student Musharaf Asghar overcome his crippling stammer and find his voice in a tear-jerking episode of Educating Yorkshire.

But the English teacher from Thornhill Community Academy in Yorkshire really is pulling out all the stops to get votes for the Channel 4 observational documentary ahead of this year’s Bafta ceremony. 

The ob doc has been nominated for theRadio Times Audience Award at the Arqiva Batfa Television Awards, alongside Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, The Great British Bake Off, Broadchurch and Gogglebox. And in an attempt to get people voting (which you can do here, by the way) Mr Burton has dressed his baby up in a rather fetching outfit, customised (by what we can only assume is a school board marker) with the words “Daddy wants a Bafta #voteEducatingYorkshire”. 

We’re not sure Mr Burton is entirely playing fair by getting his little one involved. Because we all know you can’t say no to a baby.

Especially when it’s this cute… 

You can vote for the Bafta Radio Times Audience Award HERE