Celebrities whose surnames match their jobs

The Amazing Spider-Man is directed by Marc Webb - and that's just the start of it...


Marc Webb directs The Amazing Spider-Man films. I’m not sure how this brilliant little fact has passed me by for so long. But a man with the surname Webb, directs the web-slinging superhero that is Spider-Man. 



This of course got me thinking. The US director can’t be the only celebrity going around with a name that is quite this perfect for his job. And indeed he isn’t… 

Usain Bolt 

What else could we expect really? Bolt could never have been a slow runner. Being the first sportsman to win the Olympic double double (ie. winning the 100m and 200m two years in a row) is what Mr Bolt needed to do. Or perhaps take up a job as an electrician. 

Mary Berry 

Oh, Mary. You go around making such delicious cakes, looking all cute in your flowery jackets on Bake Off with the surname Berry. Berry is basically the cherry on top for this celebrity baker.

Paul Hollywood 

Sticking with The Great British Bake Off, fellow judge Paul Hollywood kind of had to be famous didn’t he? Hollywood does’t exactly mean he needed to be a baker (Paul Bread would have been better for the dough lover). But a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame would be the icing on the cake, right?

Bill Medley

If you’re going to sing, have a musical surname, right? Medley is perhaps best-known for singing Dirty Dancing soundtrack The Time of My Life with Jennifer Warnes.

Sean Penn

Forget the acting for a moment, Sean has actually penned several scripts. Penn has writing credits on The Indian Runner, The Crossing Guard, The Pledge and Into the Wild.

William Wordsworth 

A Romantic Poet with the word ‘word’ in his surname is a rather peachy fit. As a wordsmith it seems unlikely the irony passed him by. 

Marina Stepanova 

Although she was born Marina Makeyeva (and originally competed under this name) this athlete from the Soviet Union married into the Stepanova family and enjoyed an illustrious hurdling career. Yes, hurdling. In fact, Stepanova become the first woman to run the 400m hurdles in under 53 seconds.

Bob Rock

Of course Bob Rock is a music producer. Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and Metallica are all on Mr Rock’s CV. Although, Rock almost broke the mould, telling Music Radar his first love was hockey. “For a while there, hockey was everything”. No Mr Rock, just no… 

Layne Beachley 

Australian surfer Layne was adopted by the Beachley family when she was born and went on to win seven surfing world championships under the fitting name.