The greatest animal fights caught on camera

To mark tonight's epic elephant vs lion showdown on Africa's Giant Killers: Natural World, we've rounded up the best wildlife head-to-heads...

The greatest animal fights caught on camera
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Tonight on the red corner, it's the pride of the pride, the claws and the jaws: lions! And in the blue: a massive sodding elephant!

In anticipation of the main event, here are some more titanic animal skirmishes...

Buffalo vs Lions vs Crocodiles

You must watch this battle royale all the way through. While the plight of the young buffalo snagged by a bunch of lions initially seems hopeless, it gets even worse when the crocs show up. But then the cavalry arrives...

Penguin vs Orcae

Killer whales often use small prey like penguins to train their young how to hunt. This penguin isn't going to lie back and be bait, and manages to work out an escape route. A prime example of brains over brawn.

Whale vs Fish

It's Davids vs Goliath, as a school of glittering fish take on an enormous whale. The outcome might surprise you. Although it probably won't.

Tiger vs Man on Elephant

Most of us will never see a tiger outside of a zoo. Fewer still will know what it is like to come face to face with one of the beasts. While out hunting for a tiger that had been terrorising local people, this man discovered he was being hunted himself. Talk about fearful symmetry. 

Africa's Giant Killers: Natural World begins tonight at 9:00pm on BBC2