Game of Thrones… as told by kittens

It's a match made in internet heaven...


Kittens. Game of Thrones.


Those chaps over at The Pet Collective know what they are doing. It’s a match made in viral heaven. 

Replacing Westeros’ wiley characters with fluffy little cat babies makes it a whole lot less scary. Though, mind you don’t underestimate their sharpened claws – some of those felines look like they’ve been studying the work of the Boltons. 

Yes, we are a little bit offended by the reimagined theme-tune. But if you can get past that – perhaps by popping it on mute and singing the real tune for yourself (don’t pretend you don’t know how) – it’s brilliant. 

Game of Thrones series four continues on Mondays at 9:00pm on Sky Atlantic.