Emmerdale spoilers: Priya to tell doctors, "Help, I'm killing my baby!" - Fiona Wade interview

The troubled mum-to-be admits herself to a clinic in next week's episodes

Emmerdale spoilers: Priya to tell doctors, "Help, I'm killing my baby!" - Fiona Wade interview
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Pregnant Priya's eating problems are to come to a head next week when she's rushed to hospital due to bleeding. A concerned David (Matthew Wolfenden) suggests that she move in with him and Alicia (Natalie Anderson), but the result proves too much for Priya to bear. After consulting a GP, she takes drastic action to ensure the health of both herself and her unborn child. Actress Fiona Wade tells us more...

How does Priya react when she starts bleeding?
It’s a massive shock for her. She hasn’t felt the baby move for a few days and the fear is really kicking in. But the bleeding is the first big wake-up call.

Does she fear that she’s losing the baby?
Yes, at that point, she really does.

And how has her problem with eating been going up to this point?
Do you know, I don’t think it’s got much better. For someone with this illness, it’s not going to change overnight. She’s definitely still been struggling and has been quite secretive about it all. She’s been eating little bits here and there but nothing substantial at all. She’s nowhere near better.

Does she realise that starving herself could harm the baby?
Yes, she absolutely does realise that. But this is a mental illness and something that Priya cannot control. It’s so complex. If she can get away with not eating then she would, but she doesn’t want to harm her baby.

It’s suggested by David that Priya lives with him and Alicia – what does Priya make of that idea?
At first, she’s very shocked. And there are big implications that are going to mess with her head. A lot of her problems stem from her break-up with David and the fact that she still loves him. Now she’s finding herself back in his house with him fussing over her. David is worried and he’s being very caring, which is a real worry for Priya because it feels so nice.

Do you think Priya is trying to win David back?
I don’t think that’s at the forefront of her mind. I don’t think her thoughts are that clear right now. I don’t think she’s setting out to do anything manipulative or malicious. But she just feels it’s nice that someone is showing her some affection – she’s just very mixed up, confused and in a lot of pain.

So, what prompts Priya to go to see the GP?
Basically, she’s been staying with David and Alicia. He’s been trying to help her eat, but nothing’s working. And then she overhears a conversation he’s having where David is talking about how upset he is. She realises that he cares for his baby and that Priya could break his heart were anything bad to happen. It makes her realise that she has to keep the baby safe. Plus, all the lying is really taking its toll on her.

And what happens when she visits the doctor?
The GP is saying that she’ll get a referral, but Priya is insisting that it has to happen right now. She’s adamant. So she goes to the hospital and tells the doctors and nurses that she needs help. It’s a big thing for anything to do. Priya basically admits herself into a clinic and demands to be seen. She screams, “Help me, I’m killing my baby” in order to be seen there and then. This is a lifetime of issues that she needs to confront.

What was it that finally made her realise that she needs to get help?
It’s a combination of things. It’s the baby first and foremost, the fact that David is the dad, and she also realises that she cannot go on like this. She’d end up killing herself, the baby and also David, to a certain extent. She can’t be responsible for that. She needs to make it right. So she’s finally seeking the care that she needs.

And what’s happening with Georgia and Rishi at this point?
Well, it was quite sad filming those scenes. Priya has been trying to hide everything from her parents, so they’re shocked at how big the problem is. And she tells them that she needs to sort things out on her own. She realises that she relies on her family too much and that they do suffocate her. She knows that she needs to find her own path, so she tells them that she doesn’t want them to visit for a while. All of which is really hard for Rishi and Georgia to take.

But she does let David visit…
Yes, there’s a really lovely scene where admits to David that her head is messed up and that she almost liked it too much when she was staying at his house. It was a place of comfort, which is something that she’s lost recently.

Do you think Priya can overcome this eating disorder?
Yes, I do. There’s always hope and people do recover. So, of course she can. It’s just going to take a lot of time. And with the baby – there’s a bit of a journey ahead. I still don’t think she’s connected with the baby and that she’s desperately scared. She’s got to a place where she realises that she needs help, so she’s clicked into gear a bit. But I don’t think she’s imagined that scenario of being a mum.