Drink like a Klingon with new Star Trek-inspired beer

With Star Trek-themed ale Klingon Warnog, even you can live long and prosper with the help of a little liquid courage


For any Star Trek super fan, the only thing better than binge-watching episodes of Star Trek is binge-watching episodes of Star Trek with a drink in hand. Lucky for them, breweries (and winemakers) are making that easier—and more fitting—than ever.


Boldly going where no brewery had ever gone before, Tin Man Brewing is releasing a Star Trek-inspired beer called Klingon Warnog. According to the Federation of Beer (yes, that’s a real licensing partner out of Vulcan, Canada), the beer uses German wheat yeast and rye malt to create a modern Dunkelweizen. 

Klingons, the warrior species in Star Trek, actually drank Warnog throughout the entirety of the franchise. 


Currently, there are only distribution plans for the United States and Canada in 2014, but here’s to hoping that we’ll soon be able to drink like Spock, too.