Karen Gillan in Guardians Of The Galaxy – new picture

Director James Gunn posted a photo of the ex-Doctor Who star as space pirate Nebula


Bald and blue, Karen Gillan broods in a new photo released from her forthcoming role in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy


The star, famous for her role as Amy Pond in Doctor Who, will play Nebula: a villainous space-pirate. Director James Gunn posted the picture (below) to his Instagram account, describing her character as the film’s “interplanetary Clint Eastwood”.


As revealed at San Diego Comic Con last year, Gillan shaved her ginger locks for the role; arguably her biggest so far. Guardians Of The Galaxy, centred around a band of mis-fit space avengers, stars Chris Pratt, Benicio Del Toro and Peter Serafinowicz among others. It’s released on August 1st. 

Watch the trailer below: